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Phoenix Community Alliance is a forceful organization with a grand civic vision that has made a significant impact on Greater Downtown Phoenix. Formed twenty-seven years ago, when a small downtown Phoenix was in decline, PCA, as it is called, launched illustrious public/private partnerships to catalyze quality new development in the heart of Phoenix.

Organized as a 501(c) 3, non-profit, community development organization, PCA has earned high marks and its well respected stature in the community. Today PCA continues to find the right opportunities for business leaders to collaborate with government - city, county, state and local federal agencies - and with other
stakeholders including educational, cultural, health and bioscience research institutions and emerging industries to create a vibrant urban center for Greater Downtown Phoenix. PCA understands our local issues and has demonstrated the capacity to take on the toughest urban challenges.

The value of PCA resides in the wealth of its resources. PCA brings private/public investment, corporate commitment and talent together to build and enhance the quality of Phoenix's urban lifestyle, infrastructure, amenities and character. PCA continues to bring together those diverse elements that will make Phoenix one of America's great cosmopolitan cities at the heart of tomorrow's greatest megalopolitan regions.