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Phoenix Community Alliance Has Spent 40 Years Working To Create a Stronger Downtown for a Better Phoenix


PCA convenes and connects leaders, cultivating ideas and innovation to leverage and aggregate human capital, social capital, and financial capital.
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Our Alliance articulates the vision of Greater Downtown Phoenix by influencing public policy and shaping key messages for the benefit of the city, state, and the entire region.
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Collectively, PCA Members have the knowledge, vision, and strength to develop the built environment — addressing critical urban issues and promoting healthy communities.
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ASU: Genocide Awareness W...

Monday,April 15 2024
Held April 15-20, 2024, Genocide Awareness Week is a series of lectures, exhibits and storytelling b...READ MORE

Walter Studios: Deya Dova...

Wednesday,April 17 2024
Reciprocity Music presents:Deya Dova - Live in Phoenix w/ Savej & GeometraeThe Deya Dova live experi...READ MORE

Central City Planning & D...

Thursday,April 18 2024
We can't wait to see you at this month's Central City Planning & Development (CCPD) meeting. Join...READ MORE

David Krietor has always been a trusted, steady hand.''

Taylor Costello

Posted on Mar 19th, 2024

At the start of the year, Phoenix Community Alliance me...

Taylor Costello

Posted on Feb 21st, 2024

Dr. Sheila Harris is deeply rooted in the community. ...

Taylor Costello

Posted on Feb 13th, 2024

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Businesses in the Warehouse District have a new neighbor! \ud83c\udfc0\n\nIn April, the new @Suns office complex opened with a soft launch of their newly reimagined 76,000 square-feet workspace for employees, built by fellow Member @Okland_Construction.\n\nThe design of the former Coors Brewing distribution center was envisioned by @Genslerphoenix and now includes a fitness center, arcade, lounge areas, and basketball and pickleball courts. \n\nThe adjacent Mercury practice facility will be open in time for the WNBA All-Star Game in July.

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Meet the unsung, unnamed marketing professionals who make the world go around with the awareness they spread!\n\nFor National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day, which highlights the many diverse roles in the marketing industry, we're spotlighting the companies devoted to marketing and branding whom we're proud to call PCA Members. \n\nWhether aiding in understanding the intricacies of a brand or accentuating the key attributes of a campaign, their marketing creates awareness, increases bottom lines, and tells important stories. \n\nDiscover the results and marketing prowess of these Members below. We can assure you that you've seen their work before!

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We can't wait to see you at this month's Central City Planning & Development (CCPD) meeting, next Thursday, April 18, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.\n\nJoin us for a Hard Hat Tour of the new Central Station development by @Multistudio, hear updates from the @CityofPhoenixAZ Planning & Development Department, and more! Additional details to follow.\n\n\u23f0 \ud83d\udcc5: Thursday, April 18, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.\n\n\ud83d\uddfa\ufe0f \ud83d\udccd: The Westin Phoenix Downtown, Conference Room | 333 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004\n\n\ud83d\udeb6 \ud83d\ude88 : We encourage attendees to walk, utilize public transportation, or rideshare - like Waymo. \n\nTo learn the ins and outs of this future urban hub, please RSVP using the \ud83d\udd17 in bio!

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We hope you remembered to wear your ISO 12312-2 glasses for this morning's Solar Eclipse! \ud83c\udf1e \ud83c\udf11 \n\nEarlier in the morning, thousands of students from all over the Valley arrived for Arizona Science Center's Solar Eclipse Viewing Party. The Science Center provided complimentary glasses to observe the moon gradually obscure the sun. \n\nDespite the eclipse only covering 64% of the sun, the Downtown Phoenix Inc., Ambassador, and the PCA teams still observed noticeable environmental changes when we gathered on CityScape's deck at 11:20 a.m. for its peak. \ud83c\udf19 \n\nWe'll see you at the next solar eclipse in 2044!

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\ud83c\udfbc If you miss the light rail \/ You'll find you missed the quickest way to Culdesac! \ud83c\udfb6 \n\nIn 2024, PCA is renewing a tradition of holding Committee meetings off-site in the community where our public policy agenda is reflected. \n\nFor the March meeting, the Multi-Modal Connectivity Committee did just that by organizing a tour of Culdesac Tempe (@liveculdesac), the first car-free neighborhood in the U.S. \ud83d\ude84 \n\nAlthough located in the east valley, the development demonstrated the feasibility of similar projects along light rail routes, with decentralized building cores, paseos, live\/work units, ground-floor retail, and other elements to help foster community. \n\nWatch these spaces (and your email) for future meeting opportunities like this as they arise in the future! \ud83d\udceb

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It takes a village to assemble a unique experience like Downtown's 2024 Men's Final Four\u00ae festivities! \ud83c\udfc0 \n\nIf you're coming Downtown for @mfinalfour's activations this weekend, including Men's Final Four Fan Fest\u00ae, Men's Final Four Dribble\u00ae, and the free NCAA March Madness Music Festival\u00ae, chances are its marketing materials will assure that you're in the right place. \n\nAnd did you know this content is almost exclusively produced by a single company? \n\nStreet pole banners, building and hotel wraps, and other large promotional items were produced by Member Bluemedia (@bluemedia480), who was also responsible for the creative materials for Super Bowl LVII.\n\nFor more information about these fan events (and other small-business events to plan your weekend), visit the

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