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Walter Studios: Deya Dova - Live in Phoenix

Wednesday, April 17 @ 06:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Reciprocity Music presents:Deya Dova - Live in Phoenix w/ Savej & GeometraeThe Deya Dova live experience, a highly visual live-show that has evolved as a collective ceremony, envokes a unified field, dance floor immersion of high vibrational global-bass sound. An ecstatic primal experience, the performance invokes the full range of human response. Together - we journey from ancient Earth to the Stars.Travel on a quantum music journey to connect with the signature frequencies of ancient Earth energy centers from around the planet. Featuring select remixes and live versions of the Planetary Grid Music together with music from the Myth of the Cave & Symbiotic albums.Deya Dova creates & designs her own avatar costuming and works in collaboration with a host of performing artists to weave euphoric mythic ritual performance.“An artist of the ancestral feminine psyche, singing and speaking to a heritage and a legacy that may appear lost, but lives in our bones, bodies, and earth.” THE EMBODIED WAYSchedule:6:00 PM - Doors6:45 PM - Geometrae7:45 PM - Savej9:15 PM - Deya DovaAbout Deya Dova:Over the last 7 years Deya Dova has recorded live in nature at 44 ancientlocations on the Earth’s energy lines across the planet. Releasing her PlanetaryGrid Music Collection - an exclusive 12 album series of songs sung from deeplistening with the incredible energy, frequency and vibration of ancient sacredplaces.Through her extensive travels and recording on the Earth's energy lines, DeyaDova has become an extraordinary advocate for sacred activism and consciousawakening. Radiantly sharing an authentic message of ancient remembrance,reconnection with sentient earth, the cosmos and to our divine origins.Five international tours have seen Deya Dova play festival stages such asSymbiosis, Envision, Sonic Bloom, Beloved, Wanderlust, Atmosphere, Luminate,Enchanted Forest, All About Love, Bali Spirit, Africa Spirit and Earth Frequency tomention a few.Learn more at deyadova.com



Wednesday, April 17
06:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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