Cardon Development Group, LLC

Member Since November 2021

Cardon Development Group (CDG), based in Chandler, AZ, is a fully integrated commercial, multi-family housing and retail development group founded in 2002 by Don Cardon.  As one of the most capable and creative developers in the industry, CDG takes on imaginative public-private partnerships (P3s) that enable local enrichment through transformative, highly energized real estate developments.  By masterfully uniting the ingenuity of the private sector with the resources of public enterprise, CDG is able to breathe life into seemingly impossible projects.  In realizing large-scale developments throughout the United States, we thereby create long lasting impact and quality benefits to all who use them.  Few firms are familiar with the economic and logistical complexities of a multi-disciplinary development that can alter the face of an entire city.   

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